“Raising Hell” by Hikaru Araki is finally coming to an end

Popular psychological mystery horror shounen manga “Raising Hell” by Hikaru Araki will end in the upcoming Monthly Shounen Sirius issue on June 25, 2021.

This was Araki sensei’s first shounen manga challenge in Shounen Sirius. By incorporating one fiction element called “devil” while keeping the real line set in the real world up to the previous work, it has become an interesting work of fiction as a ‘battle of different abilities of demon possessions!’ in young audiences.

Kodansha is publishing the manga in their “Monthly Shounen Sirius” magazine in Japanese since March 2019. They describe the story as:

“Kenji Sakamoto, an ordinary high school boy, was trying to contact the current criminal who caused a murderous terrorist attack in Akihabara, Tokyo. All to follow the whereabouts of his childhood friend Nao, who disappeared. What happened to them? The story is told from a corner of Kita-Kantou a year ago!”

About The Author

Hikaru Araki is a manga artist from Tokyo. In 2007, at the age of 17, he made his debut from “Big Comic Spirits Casual” in the 192nd Spirits Award-winning work “My Girlfriend’s History”. In 2009, he won the 61st Chiba Tetsuya Award Young Category Honorable Mention for “Inside the Public Toilet”. After that, he made his serial debut in 2011 with “Going to Yankee Juku” from “Weekly Young Magazine“. In 2015, ” We did it ” (Original: Muneyuki Kaneshiro ), which was serialized in the 19th issue of the same magazine, became popular and became a hit that was made into a TV drama in 2017. Other works include ” Jukusei Ikariishi-Kun ” and ” Tomorrow’s Jiro ” (Original: Yuji Moritaka ).

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