“Conbini de kimi to no 5-funkan” manga set to end in November 2021

Cute seinen comedy romance manga “Conbini de Kimi to no 5-funkan” also commonly known as “5 Minutes with You at a Convenience Store” by Nozomi Ichinaga is heading toward its climax in the manga’s sixth volume. The volume will ship to Japan on Nov 25, 2021.

Ichinaga launched the manga in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine on May 17, 2019. Square Enix shipped the manga’s fourth volume in Japan in January 2021.

MU describes the manga:

The Office Lady, who looks forward to stopping by at the convenience store on the way home from work. And Shibasaki-Kun, the poker-faced high school part-timer, who gets stirred up by OL for some reason. A heartwarming manga about two people who pass by each other at the convenience store.



A high school student who works part-time at a convenience store. He has kind of a polite and serious personality. But while straightforwardly doing business, he has a grown secret love for an office lady who is a regular customer of the store.


She is a pretty young woman. She loves cats and lives with his beloved cat Takuan. Every day while coming from the office she often stop by a convenience store on the way home where she got to know Shibasaki who surprisingly resembles her domestic cat.

Store manager

The manager of the convenience store where Shibasaki works. He loves old-fashioned gag, is friendly and wears glasses. And while watching Shibasaki gently, he is often worried about him.

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