Levius/est Manga Enters ‘Final Stage’

Source: Levius/est cover art, Haruhisa Nakata

Source: Haruhisa Nakata, Levius/est

After six years of serialization, Haruhisa Nakata’s steampunk martial arts manga, Levius/est will finally end in the 10th volume.

The author had stated on Twitter on June 9 that he had already completed the final manuscript for the manga. He even teased the audience with an illustration from the final volume of the manga.

Haruhisa Nakata launched the first part of the manga Levius in Shogakukan’s Monthly Ikki in December 2012. But due to an internal problem after 2 years of serialization the magazine ceased the publication and finished the series in the November 2014 issue. Luckily Shueisha picked the series up and started a sequel, titled Levius/est in their Ultra Jump magazine in May 2015 issue. As of January 2021, nine volumes have been published. It is also worth mentioning unlike traditional manga that you see nowadays that is read from right to left, Levius/est is written in yokogaki (horizontally, left to right).

Viz describes the manga as:

Having fought his way into the top grade of Mechanical Martial Arts, Levius faces an ever-changing world that grows more threatening by the day. The shadowy megacorporation Amethyst wields its military might across the world through advancements in the arena. Can Levius be the fighter who changes the course of the world’s fate?

The manga inspired a 12 episode 3D CG original net animation adaptation that premiered in November 2019 Netflix Worldwide.

Production Details

If you haven’t watched the trailer, go check it out.

Also, we have made a playlist for you to listen to.

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