About Us

Welcome to the official ‘About Us’ page of IAN (a.k.a Indian Anime Network)

IAN tries to provide deep, profound, and engaging quality content about anime, manga, and the ever-growing otaku community-related news and updates. We specialize in top 10 lists, top 15 lists, quotes, recommendations of new and old school series as well as the latest seasonal anime. We also cast a sharply critical eye on the cultural drive towards community and scrutinize controversies, hype, impressions, and popular ideas in the otaku subculture.


Bring about a change in the anime community.

Represent Indian community in an international otaku culture.

Build the mecca for anime manga enthusiasts.

Grow With Us

IAN is still a very young project and we are still underway toward its heavenly goal. There’s more yet described here and much more to come later. So stick with us, grow with us. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to provide you with the freshest and best possible level of quality content an anime site can offer.

We are also completely new to this entire site building and hosting thing, so expect to see a lot of content getting changed and shuffled around every now and then.


1. Why do you call it Indian Anime Network?

Ans. Anime is as popular in India as much as in other countries but it doesn’t have the exposure compared to other countries. So to represent India as a potential market of anime culture we named it Indian Anime Network.

2. What are the posts about ?

Ans. We try to post a lot of content including but not limited to, new anime recommendations, latest anime news and trends, character analyses and anime quotes .

3. How often do you publish new content ?

Ans. We post content twice per week ( generally Sunday and Thursday at 8 am IST ). You can also follow our social media pages and stay up to date with the anime industry-related information and news with our everyday posts there.

4. How will I be able to keep up with IAN’s coverage ?

i. Visit our site visit often.

ii. If you like what you read, sign up for our free newsletter, or subscribe to push notifications.

iii. Follow us on social media and share the content.

Support Us

We employ a No-Ad policy with no Advertisements on all featured articles for a distraction free reading experience. However in some categories like Quotes and News we allow some Ads. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for taking the time to contribute to IAN. All we ask you is to support us by following us on social media on Quora, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Contact Us

Please feel free to send us news, tips, article ideas, comments, critiques, advertisements, inquiries, and requests for corrections here. Since we are new to WordPress and online blogging and content creation, we are not entirely sure about everything we do, we apologize in advance for any mistakes and will be grateful if you have some suggestions and want to help us out in any way.

Email Us

We are always open to constructive criticism! So don’t forget to leave us a feedback about anything. We appreciate your feedback. Email us at: team.ian@indiananimenetwork.com.