“Witchcraft Works” by Mizunagi Ryu Ends on Next February Issue

Popular romantic comedy supernatural fantasy manga “Witchcraft Works” by Mizunagi Ryu will end in the upcoming Good Afternoon issue 3/2022 out Feb 7, 2022.

Mizunagi Ryu launched the manga in Kodansha‘s Good! Afternoon magazine in March 5, 2010. In 2014 it was adapted into a TV anime by Studio J.C.Staff with renowned Tsutomu Mizushima as the chief director and Yoshikazu Iwanami as sound director. As of July 2021, the manga has been collected into sixteen tankōbon volumes since March 2010 with the latest volume being released on July 2021. Final volume 17 will be out March 7, 2022. The manga has been licensed in English by Vertical with he first volume being released on October 21, 2014.

The Kodansha USA describes the story as:

There is something unusual about the Tougetsu Academy. While on the surface it may seem like just another private Japanese high school, hidden amongst its student body, though, are a few youngsters with some unique abilities. One of them is Honoka Takamiya. He may not know it yet, but inside him lurks something very powerful. And it is the job of the school’s idol, Ayaka Kagari, to protect Takamiya from anyone, or anything, wishing to capitalize on his innate abilities.

Dare to harm her “Princess,” and watch out—you’ll get burned!

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