This Week In Anime – 6 Best Anime Announced From May 1 – May 8

1. Komi Can’t Communicate

Everyone has been waiting for a long time, and the day is finally here. Written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda, Komi Can’t Communicate (Komi-san wa, Komyushō desu) is receiving an anime adaptation this year. The TV anime will premiere in October.

  • Staff
    • Ayumu Watanabe as Chief Director ( other works include Children of the Sea, After the Rain, Danchi Tomoo )
    • Kazuki Kawagoe as Director (other works include Beyblade Burst God, Bungo and Alchemist-Gears of Judgement)
  • Animation Production
    • Studio OLM (other works include Berserk 1997, Pokemon, Inazuma Eleven)
  • Series composition
    • Deco Akao (other works Noragami, My Little Monster, Carole & Tuesday, Higehiro, After The Rain, 3d Kanojo)
  • Cast
    • Shouko Komi: Aoi Koga (also as Kaguya Shinomiya in Kaguya Sama: Love is War)
    • Hirohito Tadano: Gakuto Kajiwara (also as Asta in Black Clover)
    • Najimi Osana: Rie Murakawa (aslo as Ram in Re:Zero)

Komi-san wa, Komyushō desu published in English as Komi Can’t Communicate by Viz Media since June 11, 2019. They describe the story as:

Timid Tadano is a total wallflower, and that’s just the way he likes it. But all that changes when he finds himself alone in a classroom on the first day of high school with the legendary Komi. He quickly realizes she isn’t aloof—she’s just super awkward. Now he’s made it his mission to help her on her quest to make 100 friends!

2. Made In Abyss Season 2

Anime of the Year and Best Score at Crunchyroll’s 2018 Anime Awards – Akihito Tsukushi’s adventure, dark fantasy, science fiction anime Made In Abyss is back with a second season!

The official website for the anime revealed on 5 May, that the anime will have a second television season in 2022 titled Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ōgonkyō (Made in Abyss: The Sun Blazes Upon the Golden City). The series is also getting a 3D action RPG by Spike Chunsoft titled Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness coming 2022 on PS4, Switch, and Steam.

Seven Seas Entertainment describes the story as :

In an age when the corners of the world have been scoured for their secrets, only one place remains unexplored–a massive cave system known as the Abyss. Those who traverse its endless pits and labyrinth-like tunnels are known as Cave Raiders. A young orphan named Riko dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps as a Cave Raider, and when she meets a strange robot when exploring the Abyss, she’s one step closer to achieving her goal!

3. Overlord Season 4

The live special during Saturday’s streaming marathon of the Overlord television anime series announced that Kugane Maruyama’s dark fantasy isekai series Overlord will be receiving a TV series Season 4 and a new Anime Film.

  • Production and Staff
    • Director: Naoyuki Itou
    • Series Script Supervisor/Scripts: Yukie Sugawara
    • Original Character Design: so-bin
    • Character Design: Satoshi Tasaki
    • Animation Production: Madhouse
  • Cast
    • Satoshi Hino as Ains
    • Yumi Hara as Albedo
    • Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear
    • Emiri Katō as Aura
    • Yumi Uchiyama as Mare
    • Masayuki Katou as Demiurge
    • Kenta Miyake as Cocytus

Yen Press describes the story as :

For twelve years, the virtual world of Yggdrasil has served as the playground and battlefield for the skeletal lord Momonga and his guild of fellow monsters, Ainz Ooal Gown. But the guild’s glory days are over, and the game is shutting down permanently. When Momonga logs in one last time just to be there when the servers go dark, something happens–and suddenly, fantasy is reality. A rogues’ gallery of fanatically devoted NPCs is ready to obey his every order, but the world Momonga now inhabits is not the one he remembers. The game may be over, but the epic tale of Ainz Ooal Gown is only beginning…

4. Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Dai Mankai no Shou

It has been 6 years since Takahiro’s (Akame ga Kill!) dark fantasy magical girl anime series Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru debuted on the small screen in 2014 and almost two-and-a-half decades later we are finally getting a new season.

Yuuki Yuuna’s official website and Twitter account announced Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha anime: Dai Mankai no Shou (Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha Season 3, Yuki Yuna is a Hero Season 3) is coming this Fall 2021!

This is a direct continuation of the previous season: the Yuusha no Sho arc, and reunites the production staff from the first season.

  • Staff
    • Author: Project 2H
    • Original Concept: Takahiro (also in Akame ga Kill)
    • Studio: Studio Gokumi
    • Director S1 / S3: Seiji Kishi (also in Radiant, Classroom of the Elite, Tsuki ga Kirei)
    • Director Washio / S2: Daisei Fukuoka (also in Danganronpa 3)
    • Writer: Makoto Uezu (also in KonoSuba, Radiant, Kuutei Dragons saga)
    • Chara Original Design: BUNBUN
    • Character Design: Takahiro Sakai (also Tonari no Kyuketsuki-san)
    • Animation Manager: Takahiro Sakai (also Tonari no Kyuketsuki-san)
    • Music: Keiichi Okabe (also Hourou Musuko) & Monaca(Garo saga, Aikatsu saga!)

Ponycan USA describes the story as:

Yuuna Yuuki is an ordinary second-year middle school student. She gets up in the morning, gets ready for school, goes to classes, participates in club activities, and has fun with her friends. But there is one extraordinary thing about Yuuki — she belongs to the “Brave Hero Club.” What does the Brave Hero Club do? Who is the mysterious being called “Vertex?” Yuuki Yuuna and her friends’ story takes place in Year 300, Era of the Gods.

5. Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds ?

The realm of anime and ASMR will collide in the brand new original anime series 180-Byō de Kimi no Mimi o Shiwase ni Dekiru ka (Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds?) which will premiere next October in Japan.

The staff working on this animated short has the participation of Yoshinobu Kasai (also in Demon Lord, Retry!) with Indivision Studios and Ekachi Epilka in production. Additionally, Takayuki Noguchi (also in Angel’s 3Piece, Cinderella Nine, Rail Romanesque, The Island of Giant Insects) is credited as being responsible for the character designs.

To know more about the story click here.

6. Dragon Ball Super Movie 2

Since the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super in 2018, fans have waited for news about the new saga. New season, new OVA, maybe a movie, whatever it is -just give us anything and we are happy.

If yes then you have come to the right place.


A statement from Akira Toriyama confirms that Dragon Ball Super will have a new movie which is scheduled to release in 2022! For now, there are no details, but the announcement was leaked on Toei’s website last Friday. The official announcement, therefore, would take place next Sunday on “Goku Day” on May 9.
There you go -the top 6 anime announcement news of the week -all in one place.

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