Kana Mafune’s On Air Dekinai! 2022 TV Animation Teaser Visual Revealed

Kana Mafune’s On-Air Dekinai! (We Can’t Go On Air!) and On-Air Dekinai! Deep essay is receiving an anime adaptation in 2022, starring Yō Taichi, Yasuhiro Mamiya, Riho Sugiyama, and Yūya Hirose as Mafuneko, Director Onigawara, Yori-chan, and Chief AD Yokoyama respectively. In addition to the TV anime announcement, teaser visuals, comments from the main casts, and production staff have also been released.

Jun Aoki (Gal & Dino, Ore, Tsushima, Pop Team Epic, Zannen na Ikimono Jiten) is directing the anime at Jinnan Studio and Space Neko Company, and Junpei Yamada is handling the music composition while Yuusuke Inada (Baby Steps, Tsurezure Children, Twin Star Exorcists, Rent-A-Girlfriend ) will be in charge of sound effects.

Comment from Voice Actress Yo Taichi:

While reading the original manga, I felt that Mafune and my heart, who should have chosen a life different from my own, were linked, and I was able to smoothly reproduce the lines in my brain with my own voice.
As a result, I’m really happy to be entrusted with the role that is worth playing in this way! You will surely want to support Mafuneko. Please enjoy!

On Air Dekinai! (We Can’t Go On Air!) and On-Air Dekinai! Deep essay is a shoujo comedy-drama manga written and illustrated by Kana Mafune. It has been serialized in Asahi Shimbun Publishing’s Sonorama+ Comics from October 2017.

Crunchyroll describes the story as:

Set in 2014, On Air Dekinai! follows the adventures of Mafuneko (age 23), a newly minted assistant director who joins the TV production department at Tokyo Hajikko Television, only to discover that the glamorous and glitzy life of working behind-the-scenes making TV shows involves strange and inexplicable tasks such as “gathering 300 acorns” and “making a mosaic out of the images reflected in the camera lens”. Despite being surrounded by chaos, set-backs, and weirdos, Mafuneko struggles to become a fully-fledged TV producer.

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