Ame o Tsugeru Hyouryuu Danchi Anime Film Reveals Teaser Video, 2022 Debut on Netflix

The official website for Studio Colorido‘s new full-length anime film titled Ame o Tsugeru Hyōryū Danchi (Drifting Home) revealed casts for the film, along with a teaser promotional video and a new visual on Saturday.

The announcement also revealed that the film will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix in 2022 and there will also be a national roadshow in Japan for further promotion of the film. It is Studio Colorido’s third full-length anime film to screen in theaters in Japan.

Official Twitter account of the movie describes the story as :

One summer day, Kosuke & Natsume are at an old housing complex which gets teardown soon. It is the memorable place they used to live. A mysterious phenomenon captures them out of the blue, and they find themselves drifting in the ocean…

Production Team

Director: Hiroyasu Ishida (Penguin Highway, Fumiko’s Confession)

Screenplay: Hiroyasu Ishida, Hayashi Mori (Cells at Work! Code Black, Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katori no Nazotoki File), Sakamoto Minami (Babylon)

Character Design: Nagae Akihiro(Fastening Days)

Assistant Character Designer: Fumi Kato(Penguin Highway animation director)

Music: Abe UmiTaro ((Penguin Highway)

Planning: Twin Engine

Akihiro Nagae said, “This work is based on director Ishida’s strange idea, and is perfect for summer. As you can see in the title, we are particular about the stage of the housing complex, so we hope you will feel the charm of this architecture.
And above all, we strive to receive the thoughts of the characters related to the place in a straightforward manner. Please have a look.”

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