The 5 Best Psychological Manga Like Signal 100

Signal 100 is not the most amazing psychological manga out there but I do know someone who’s really into Signal 100. Akanksha is a big Signal 100 fan. She used to go around in our group and telling everyone “hey read Signal 100”.But that’s all from almost 2 years ago. We almost haven’t talked for a year now. But recently she came back into the group again and the first thing she requests me is a similar manga like Signal 100. Talk about the energy man!! Phew !! She really loves Signal 100! Doesn’t she ?!! So yeah that’s what we are going to do today. The 5 Best Psychological Manga Like Signal 100.

Note that it’s not like a 5 top tier psychological manga list with titles like Vagabond, Holyland, Oyasumi Punpun, etc.
It’s more of a list of 5 B or C tier underrated psychological manga which are quite gore bizarre but gives you the entertainment to hang on to.

So let’s get started 5 best dark psychological thriller manga to read:

5. Real Account

If there are no followers, you will die instantly, if your followers die, you will die instantly, if you break the net manners, you will die instantly, and if you do not respond immediately, you will die instantly. A new century-style death game has begun on the national SNS Real Account !! Ataru Kashiwagi and millions of other users who signed up for “Real Account” suddenly find themselves in a virtual world of technology. You cannot survive here simply by following the presented rules. Think hard, make strategy and find a way to survive from this harsh “game” of death.

Although there are some factors in the series such as the conditions for advancing, pacing, and the illustrations where it is all over the place and there are also developments and flags that seem to get stuck in the depths, you can’t deny it is one of those psychological death game series that is rich in content and can be explored more and more. For better or for worse, you can read it smoothly while keeping the psychological depiction and emotional expression neatly like shounen manga.

4. Kamisama no Iutoori 2 (As the Gods Will: The Second Series)

Is it a divine punishment or a gift from God! ?? With the sudden appearance of a strange daruma doll, the students find themselves forced to play a game of slaughter that will drag everyone into a whirlwind of terror!

Although there are many series in the market dealing with the theme of the death game, Kamisama no Iutoori 2 still has something new to offer to the readers in its own way. Like the thoughts of the characters, the sequence of the storyline remaining a mystery. You can’t say anything without reading the continuation. It contains suspense and grotesque, tension, and anxiety – in short, it is a beautifully structured psychological horror manga series with amazing characters by side. You need to check it out.

Now for those who are wondering like do you have to read the prequel before jumping into this one!! Well, you don’t have to. You can just start with this one. They both are basically set in the same timeline but follow the story of new characters who didn’t go to school on the first day.

3. Gyakusatsu Happy End(Massacre Happy End)

Makoto Kusakabe’s life became a mess. His mother left home, his father is always drunk without working, and his sister is hospitalized due to illness. He has been working part-time to earn medical expenses and living expenses for her sister. However, it turned out that his sister has only two months of life expectancy for an incurable disease and wouldn’t live without a transplant surgery. He shouts a word of resentment to God for that feeling of despair and this crazy thing that happened.

① The hospital found a donor for the surgery and the scheduled date of organ transplant is in a month.

② But, if Makoto does not kill one person per day, he and her sister will loop the same day, and just looping one day puts a burden on her sister’s body as the date of surgery getting delayed.
So Makoto is now forced to commit murder in order to bring her sister to the day of surgery without being caught by the police.

Massacre Happy End is not “the best sad psychological manga I’ve ever read,” but it’s disturbing and sinister, just as it would be if the story were completely true if it happened. Because Makoto thinks it’s okay to kill a bad guy, but that’s not something anyone can decide. So it has a bit of twisted feel and thrill to it kinda like the flow of “Death Note” with psychotic suspense of a boy swinging between sin and punishment to protect. Do give it a try. It is by the same author who wrote Signal 100, Arata Miyatsuki sensei.

2. Shinai Naru Boku e Satsui wo Komete (My Dearest Self With Malice Aforethought)

LL the serial killer, real name Hachinoi Makoto is a heinous murderer the likes of whom had never been recorded in the criminal history before. His demon hands were stained with crimes of every kind. When he was 21, several female university students went missing and their corpses were discovered in the mountain of the city which had been beaten, torn apart, scooped out in various areas, punctured, burnt, crushed, twisted, and cut off. And that was just the beginning. These types of crimes went on for years evading the police’s grasp every time. But finally one day he was tracked down to his hideout and surrounded on all sides. And at the very end, he set himself on fire enacting suicide via self-immolation. The demon that had shocked the world was dead.

However, it was not the end. LL had a child. The child of the demon. A “harsh fate” that no one could tell will begin to unfold once again now.

Synopsis aside, there is a self that I do not know, who is stronger and cooler, there are many friends and faces I never met. What do I even do when I am sleeping? Am I a cruel murder !? – this theme of the story is interesting. Hajime Inoryu took the concept of dissociative identity disorder and balanced it in the story in a way that you will be thrilled by the horror to the bottom. The suspense is there and the illustrations are also beautifully done. You should give it a try. And while talking about Hajime Inoryu, there’s all new buzz about his new manga series titled “Furitsumore kodoku na shi yo.” So if you are up for a another new short psychological Inoryu spice, go for it.

Before we unveil our no 1 pick for 5 Best Psychological Manga Like Signal 100, here are some honorable mentions that do have great stories and themes but didn’t quite make it to the list.

  • Ousama Game
  • Tatoe Hai ni Nattemo
  • Ikenie Touhyou
  • Doubt
  • Kyoushitsu Jibaku Club
  • Dead Tube
  • Doku Mushi
  • Monkey Peak
  • Dorei Yuugi
  • Rengoku Dead Role
  • Renai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga Kuru Koro ni
  • Rengoku no Karma
  • Tsumetai Kousha no Toki wa Tomaru
  • Tomogui Kyoushitsu

Now on to the no 1 pick :

1. Jisatsutou (Suicide Island)

What happens in a lawless zone where there is no law?
It’s a story about a survival life on an isolated island in the sea where non-successful suicidal patients who have failed to commit suicide gather and reconsider the meaning of life.

Written and illustrated by famous Mori Kouji, Jisatsutou is one of the most interesting psychological manga I’ve read in recent years. It is not just a survival battle royale story, it’s a manga that makes you study about the essence of “life”. People who have a hard time living by themselves, people who dislike everything and give up living, or those who get tired of their dreams and hopeless days, it’s a perfect manga for you.

What do you think of the list? Did you like it? What are some of your favorite psychological survival death game suicidal horror manga? Let us know in the comment below!

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