“Hyakunen to majo” by Harayasu Enters Final Stage

Popular surreal battle action adventure shoujo manga “Hyakunen to majo” by Harayasu is heading towards its story climax in upcoming Asuka issue 3/2022 out Jan 24, 2022.

It has been serialized in KADOKAWA’s Asuka Comics DX magazine since April 24, 2021, with its chapters collected in 2 tankobon volumes as of October 2021.

The story is about :

Set in the City of London, UK., Yoji, a genius scammer, falls into the midst of a battle between demons and witches for thousands of years. Scammers, demons, and witches-three-way scammers and murders between villains are about to begin! The high-speed hunting action challenged by genius scammers, keep an eye on them for a moment !!

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