23 Best Spring 2021 Anime OST You Must Try

This spring season brings us some amazing Anime to watch and love. Whats even more amazing, are the opening/ending songs that come with our favorite Anime that we love to chirp along heedlessly in our free time. Whether its Shinzo o Sasageyo from Attack on Titan or Silhouette from Naruto Shippuden or maybe even Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul, these are the OST’s that have made the anime more memorable for us. Now don’t tell me that you didn’t vibe with Lisa‘s Gurenge at all in Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) or listened to Homura from the movie Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train movie with a heavy heart.

Without any further ado, lets hop on this musical bandwagon and appreciate some great musical openings/endings we have with us this season. Yeah and one more thing, this list is not ranked as we do not like to play favorites with your tastes 😀

1. Mashiro no Oto Opening

If you have been planning to skip this anime this season due to its lesser rating as compared to other popular titles then your are gravely mistaken. Do not let mere ratings and some reviews fool you from the fact that this a masterpiece with some fantastic sequences and an engrossing story line. However, if you must absolutely want to skip this one or watch this later, do not miss out on this fantastic opening from BURNOUT SYNDROMES atleast.

2. My Hero Academia Ending

You might love to watch My Hero Academia, you might hate it, but you cannot ignore the fact that every season the Anime comes up with some banger openings/endings. Here, is one from the 5th season.

3. My Hero Academia Opening

If you loved the previous ending track from My Hero Academia then you certainly will like the opening one. The song has kinda different vibe to it which we like. Here, it is for you to listen to.

4. Mashiro no Oto Ending

Not including this beautiful ending from this list would have been an absolute crime. The vocals, the original instrument playing in the background, the rhythm we love everything about this track. Have a go at this and prepared to get surprised as well.

5. Dragon, le wo kau (Dragon goes House Hunting) Opening

So what if this anime doesn’t make it to top charts in weekly popularity polls, the opening from this one is an absolute flying beast. We love the different treatment to this song with some old and new vibe mixed to it, overall it was great listening to this song.

6. Fruits Basket-The Final Ending

As beautiful as the anime itself, this ending gives you a tearful joy. A refreshing song that still has the power to take you down the memory lane of previous seasons. If you are someone who skips anime ending songs then you are at a loss here. Also, this one also has a surprise rap in between.

7. SSSS. Dynazenon Ending

While we may not have our S-Tier waifus Rikka and Akane with us this time, but we still have this nice ending to spend some time with. Do give it a shot and let us know in the comments below how much you liked it.

8. Tokyo Revengers Opening

If we had ranked this list of ours, this would have definately made it to the top. What’s not to love about this absolute amazing opening that compels us to play it on a loop again and again and yet again. This song is super addictive, so listen it at your own risk. Don’t say, we didn’t warn you beforehand 😀

9. Tokyo Revengers Ending

While it might not be as great as the opening song itself, this is no slouch either. And you aren’t going to take my opinion anyway, are you ? Go give it a try and see how it best feels for you.

10. Mars Red Opening

While to some this is an underrated anime this season, the opening song is definitely not underrated. While we don’t know a lot about the Music culture in Japan and would love if somebody enlightens us, we surely loved the beat along with the mixture of instruments playing in the background. Also, I am definitely going to check out the lyrics of this one after I finish writing this post.

11. Fruits Basket-The final Season Opening

We have much to love about Fruits Basket this season, after the ending, here comes the opening that comes with an undeniable power to make us believe in the power of love. Not gonna lie we loved the electric parts somewhere in the middle. Be sure to give it a try if you are feeling happy.

12. Blue Reflection Ray Opening

This anime might not become the favorite of many this season but this song is definitely our favorite and has kinda grown on us now. It might on you too. Do give it a try and let us know.

13. Super Club Opening

As a slice-of-life fan myself, I would definately say the light hearted opening matches the genre perfectly. The opening will certainly bring out some happiness in you even at our first try of the song. Also check out the anime if you are a slice-of-life fan.

14. Vivy-Fluorite Eye’s Song Opening 3

Starting from smooth action sequences and great animations to AI waifus, this favorite-of-all anime this season has one more thing to put into your favorites list, which is the opening song Sing My Pleasure. We are quite sure about the fact that you are also watching Vivy for whatever reasons and like this opening song too 😀

15. Vivy-Fluorite Eye’s Song Opening 2

Another subtle and gentle opening aptly named as A Tender Moon Tempo from Vivy. Not gonna lie, we liked the ensemble of instruments along with the progression of the intro before the actual song starts. If you like soulful tracks to listen to in a quiet place, this might fit your bill.

16. Pretty Boy Detective Club Opening

Give up on any ideas that you might start forming reading the title of the anime and certainly watch one or two episodes of this one. Both the anime and the opening song Shake & Shake packs some ridiculous entertainment.

17. Blue Reflection Ray Ending

A great ending song, probably even better than the opening if you ask me! Come on, give us a chance and do give it a try, I will assure you that you will not be completely disappointed.

18. Moriarty The Patriot Season 2 Opening

Maybe not completely perfect, but all of us will find something to like in Moriarty the Patriot and talk about the opening song TWISTED HEARTS, its certainly something to love. If you haven’t started watching this season of Moriarty The Patriot, this song is a good place to start.

19. Shadows House Ending

Both the name of the anime and the ending song has a supernatural and eerie feeling to it. Maybe that’s what sets it apart from all other songs from this list. Do watch the anime and also listen to this mysteriously beautiful song till the end, please.

20. Combatants will be dispatched Opening

Love that funky brass intro to this opening song. Might or might not be your instant favorite but once you start listening to it more than once, you will certainly find enough parts to love. So, try out on your own and see how it rubs off with you.

21. To Your Eternity Opening

Are you going to forgive us for placing To Your Eternity this below in the list ? Thank God, this list does not follow any rank/order, otherwise we would have faced some serious charges from the likes of you 😀 Probably no other song would have better fitted the anime than this song. Do hear it out till the end and if you are already watching the anime you will know why we said that.

22. Higehiro : After being rejected, I shaved and took in a high school runaway Opening

Whether you are watching the anime for the wholesome aspects or for the ships or maybe waiting for how the story progresses or maybe something else I am not judging you ! Lets both enjoy the wholesome opening song together for a while. Yes, I’m still listening to it even now.

23. Higehiro : After being rejected, I shaved and took in a high school runaway Ending

Equally good as the opening, if you heard the opening just now, there is no reason not to try this one. This song is sure to bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with appreciation. Well, since its the last one, and if you have made it this far, why not give this beautiful song a chance too and enjoy what it has to offer.

For all those fast scrollers and TL;DR hunters or if you don’t like to get interrupted between the songs or maybe you simply like to enjoy the songs without reading tonnes about it, we are embedding the full playlist for you to listen to. Also, do let us know how did you feel about the list, how many songs did you listen? Which one of these is your favorite ? We are eager to know!

Peace Out 😀

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