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Do you have a fascination for cosplay ? Do you love to dress up as your favorite fictional character of your favorite Anime and Manga? Then don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime! Hurry up and register for World Cosplay Summit India Qualifiers here.

Today, 11th April will be the last date for registration.

What is this World Cosplay Summit ?

The World Cosplay Summit presents itself as a cosplaying festival in which cosplayers from all over the world can attend and make the most out of the atmosphere at this international, event with a friendly international exchange through their love for Anime, Manga, and Japanese pop culture.

The first World Cosplay Summit was held in 2003 at the Rose Court Hotel in Nagoya where only 5 international cosplayers were invited from Germany, France, and Italy. Now after a decade, the WCS has come to include over 40 countries with over 80 cosplay representatives making it one of the biggest stages in world cosplay.

Last year WCS canceled its Championship and International Representative events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and instead held a “Cosplay Summit Online Presentation”, but this year the committee announced that it will have both physical and online events which will take place on August 7 and August 8 at various locations centered around Oasis 21 in Nagoya.

Rules and Regulation for WCS India

1. Conditions for Participants

  • The competition is open to ALL AGES. However, entrants under 16 must have a permission form signed by a parent or guardian and submit the same to the organizers at the time of Registration.
  • The competition is open to all Indian citizens with valid ID proofs.The Organizers are free to ask the participants for valid identification proofs for confirming the age and citizenship at any point of the completion and the redemption of the prize.
  • The participation will be considered valid only for teams with two members. Individual participants will be rejected.
  • The winning team for The WCS India Qualifier is going to be required to attend the announcement of the results of the World Cosplay Video Championship is scheduled on 8 August (Sunday) from 19:00 to 20:00 JST (10:00~11:00 UTC). So Participants must be available for a live connection via Zoom at that time. Additionally, they are requested to cooperate in the event of further live appearances, which would be announced and arranged in advance.
  • Participants need to inform the Organizer of their selected team member at the time of Registration. No change in the team will be entertained after the Registration. Any change in the team will lead to the disqualification of both members of the team from the competition.
  • The two members of the team must wear costumes belonging to the same Japanese manga, anime, video game, or tokusatsu work. Also, these must be hand-made by the contestants themselves.
  • Characters from dôjinshi ( fanzine ), anthology works, or live-action adaptations of manga, anime, or video game titles are not permitted.
  • When making a costume from a game, the character must be recognizable of Japanese origin (i.e. not a Disney or Star Wars character even though the game may be made in Japan.)
    • It is permissible to a limited extent for family and friends to help with costumes however costumes should be hand-made by the contestants themselves.

2. Judging and Competition Rules

  • All items that are judged should all be made by 2 representatives.
  • A proportion of 75% or more of the items shall be handmade.
  • If friends or family members have assisted in the creation process, this should be presented in the character report.
  • If it is determined that 25% or more of an item is not made by hand, the item will not be included in the judging.
  • Regarding the scoring, the final placement result by the total score is decided on a scale of 150 points ( total of
    • 1. Character Judging and
    • 2. Video Judging )
  • Should the final score for the Character Judging and the Video Judging result in a tie, the ranking will be determined at the discretion of the judges of the Video Judging.

3. Judging Method

  • Character Judging ( Costume, props, etc. )
    • In the Character Judging, each judge evaluates the excellence of the representative cosplayer’s handmade costume creation technique, design, or overall atmosphere. The more high-scoring results emerge during the judging, the more the judges will score by employing the ‘score-adding method,’ in calculating points.
  • To enable the judging of the constituent elements that express the character (as explained in the Judging Method section), Character Judging will take place with the contestants wearing/carrying all items – costumes, makeup, wigs, hand props, and other relevant materials.
  • Props used as part of the background or items created with techniques such as animation or CG which are intended to establish a scene and improve the performance shall not be included in the character judging.
  • The character report, whose content must conform with the competition rules and be written in Japanese or English, as well as a presentation video explaining the costumes with a recommended duration of about 5 minutes and a maximum duration of 8 minutes, are to be submitted before the indicated submission deadline.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the language used in the costume presentation video, but it must include subtitles in Japanese or English or both languages. In case the subtitles are only in Japanese or only in English, the Executive Office will add the subtitles in the other language, and therefore it is required to leave enough space for the insertion of those subtitles.
  • Regarding the documents submitted according to point iii), the character reports written in English will be provided to the judges.

4. Submission Rules

  • In case that documents are received after the submission deadline, a 10% deduction of the score in Character Judging will be applied for every 24 hours of delay in submission, and a score of 0 points will be awarded without judgment in a case that the delay exceeds 120 hours. (delay exceeding 24 hours: 10%, delay exceeding 48 hours: 20%,and so on). Additionally, in case that the Organizers request the correction of documents determined to be defective, it is required to resend a corrected version of the documents addressing the defects indicated from the Organizers within 24 hours from the communication of the request. In this case, as well, a 10% deduction of the score in Character Judging will be applied for every 24 hours of delay, and a score of 0 points will be awarded without judgment in a case that the delay exceeds 72 hours.
  • In case that there is a delay in both the submission deadline and re-submission, the penalties are to be applied cumulatively (delay exceeding 24 hours from the submission deadline: 10% + delay exceeding 24 hours in re-submission: 10%, for a total deduction of 20% of the score in Character Judging)

5. Video Judging

  • In the Video Judging, each judge is to evaluate the representative cosplayers’ movement, expressiveness, the composition of the story, entertainment value, and other overarching impressions through a video with a maximum length of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The more high-scoring results that emerge during the judging, the more the judges will score by employing the “score-adding method” in calculating points.
  • For entries exceeding the limit of 2:30 minutes, a 10% deduction of the score in Video Judging will be applied for overtime of every 5 seconds, and the score will be 0 for videos over 2:46 minutes.
  • Following the competition rules, participants must submit a script and details on the production, together with the reference images for the costumes or information about the characters in advance to the Organizers. A change of the original work or major changes to the information submitted to the Organizers will not be allowed. In case that the Organizer determines that the contents depart from the competition rules, the addition of corrections or the suppression of concrete points may be requested. In addition to the completed entry video, the resources of objects such as effects, animations, and pictures, as well as the resources of music and sound effects used in the edition of the video shall be submitted within the due date. Whenever third persons other than the representatives have been involved in the production of the video, either their cosplayer name or nickname or their real name shall be provided as well.

6. General Guidelines

  • The judging will be done by the Organizers either directly or through any individual cosplayer selected as judges as per its sole discretion. The total number of the judges will be finalized at the sole discretion of the Organizers.
  • Any participation entry which does not follow the schedule which will be updated by the Organizers on the official website will be rejected by the Organizers as per its sole discretion.

7. Others Rules

  • Participants are solely responsible for any permissions by any authorized organization – either local or statutory that may be required by the participant to participate in this competition.
  • Participants are expected to follow the local guidelines provided by the authorities to minimize the spread of Covid- 19 at all times.
  • Any participant found to be using unfair means or engaging in any unlawful activity during their participation in this competition shall be disqualified as per the sole discretion of the organizers.
  • Participants shall accept the Organizer to use their name, likeness, image and/or voice and/or video footage (including photograph, film, and/or recording of the same) submitted for The WCS India Qualifier in promotional material or any media including but not limited to print media, social media, website, hoardings, etc. for an unlimited period without remuneration for any purpose whatsoever.
  • Prize – The winning team for the WCS India Qualifier will be awarded the following as the prize for the competition by the Organizer.
    • Flight Tickets for the winning team for traveling to Japan for attending the World Cosplay Summit held in Japan in 2022 ( hereinafter referred to as “WCS 2022” ).
    • Stay for the winning team for a maximum period of 10 days during the WCS 2022 on ground event in Japan.The winning team can inform the Organizer of the requested dates from their end at the time of booking the tickets.
  • Participant to note that the visas for travel, food, the entry fee for any part of the WCS 2022 finale, and the local travel are not covered under the prize and will be the sole responsibility of the winner.
  • The prize is personal to the winner and is not transferable and cannot be sold under any circumstances. The prize will only be awarded in the situation of WCS Finale 2022 being conducted in Japan.
  • No cash will be given instead of the prize to the winner.
  • Participants agree to waive, release, and discharge the Organizers, their officers, associates, representatives, and partner organizations from any liability, including but not limited to, any liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released, for death, sickness, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft,or actions of any kind which may arise due to their participation in this competition and during the redemption of the prize.
  • Participants understand that these competition rules are only limited to the India Qualifiers. The participation and judging rules for the WCS online finale 2021 are separate and are shared by the Organizers in an as-is condition.
  • The organizer can, at their sole discretion, change any of the rules of this competition.

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