“Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun” manga set to end in September, 13

Naruki’s new youth romantic comedy manga Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun will end in the upcoming Monthly Bessatsu Friends issue on September, 13.

Born in Okayama prefecture. Debuted with the 53rd BF Rookie Manga Award Honorable Mention, this was Naruki’s first shoujo manga challenge in Kodansha. By incorporating the distinction between bullying and changes into a shoujo theme, as well as keeping the fun and comedy in a balanced line with a juvenile delinquent or yanki element, it has become an interesting work of fiction as an ‘attractively organized short shoujo manga’ in young audiences. The design is cute, the characters are cool, and the theme that the relationship between the two people who are about to change is awesome as well.

Kodansha describes the story as :

“After being in a high school full of Yankees, and being humiliated by them all the time. Momose decides to change her appearance when entering high school, even though she is still clumsy, she struggles to fit in. All she wants is to get away from the bad guys and it seems like he finally found a club to belong to but, the only other member of this club, is not really what he seems.”

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