Jujutsu Kaisen


Although Yuji Itadori looks like your average teenager, his immense physical strength is something to behold! Every sports club wants him to join, but Itadori would rather hang out with the school outcasts in the Occult Research Club. One day, the club manages to get their hands on a sealed cursed object. Little do they know the terror they’ll unleash when they break the seal.

[Source: Viz]


Episodes: 24

Aired On: 3th Oct 2020

Producers: TOHO animation, Shueisha, dugout

Licensors: Unknown

Studios: MAPPA

Source: Manga

Genres: Action, Supernatural, Shounen

Rating: R-17+

Main Characters

Satoru Gojou

Yuuji Itadori

Megumi Fushiguro

Nobara Kugisaki

Sukuna Ryomen

Kento Nanami

Toge Inumaki

Maki Zenin

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