6 famous mangaka who have a YouTube channel

Internet’s move into network television illustrates how not only entertainers and online content creators but also manga artists who are creators, are expanding their audiences in social media and YouTube. You can get a closer look at their drawing process, and secret stories that you can’t usually hear or see, with occasional chats and commentary every so often, from your apartment balcony.

So today I decided to pick up and introduce 6 famous manga artists who have their Youtube channel.

1. Sui Ishida

Caesar: Who is the best mangaka ??
Me: Sui Ishida
Caesar: So who is the best gaming streamer ?!
Me: Still Sui Ishida !

I mean Sui Ishida is cool. His voice is cool! The contents are interesting! It’s amazing !!

Sui Ishida, known for the Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul: re, Jack Jeanne, first opened his own channel on YouTube back in 2020 as an experimental search for meaningful ways to have an online presence. Although there are few posts, and most of them are drawing sessions over 2 to 6 hours, it’s still amazing to have Ishida sensei in a live stream. If you are a fan and love Tokyo Ghoul and his other works check out his channel. It’s not always drawings though, sometimes he also plays video games and interacts with others through chat, so you’ll have your fun. And finally last but not least don’t forget to follow his brand new series Choujin X which is published digitally through the Tonari no Young Jump web service in Japan. In English, you can follow the manga free of cost via the Manga PLUS App from Shueisha or Viz Media. We also have Choujin X by Sui Ishida – Chapter 1 Review here. So do check that out as well.

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2. Naoki Urasawa

Naoki Urasawa is without a doubt Japan’s one of the, if not, the most important manga artist of all time. With works like Monster, Pluto, 20th Century Boys, YAWARA and many more, he is always uncovering something new with his story in his unique and witty style. Urasawa began his currently ongoing mystery, Sci-Fi manga series Asadora in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine from the 45th issue of 2018. As of June 27, 2021, five volumes have been published.

The fifth volume was published on April 30, 2021, and around the same time, he opened his channel URASAWA CHANNEL on Youtube. According to Urasawa at first, a staff of his team proposed the idea to just promote the series in the media but as time passed by he and his team decided to work out a different way such as with lessons like “How to write concentrated lines” and other techniques. He also said that he would like to collaborate with the music artists which he uses as references in his manga. All in all, for manga lovers, there is no doubt that it will become a YouTube channel that needs attention in the future. So consider checking out his channel as well.

3. Tsubasa Yamaguchi

Winner of the 13th Manga Taishō and the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for Best General Manga, Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s Blue Period is a hot topic in the modern coming-of-age manga industry. In January 2021 it became one of twelve manga series to make the Young Adult Library Services Association‘s top 126 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list. On top of that, Seven Arcs announced a TV anime adaptation for the series which is scheduled to be broadcast from October 2021 featuring Koji Masunari, Katsuya Asano, Reiko Yoshida, Tomoyuki Shitaya.

On the channel, Yamaguchi discusses a lot of different themes about drawings, sketches such as “What if a manga artist and a student draw a manga with the same lines ?” Sometimes she also brings guests like Paru Itagaki of BEASTARS, Yamazaki Kore of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Tsuta Suzuki of Tenchi Creative Design Department to make it more enjoyable for the viewers.

4. Shinmoto Shin

51st LMG Gold Debut Award winner Shinmoto Shin is a Shoujo manga artist who is currently active in Manga Park (Hakusensha) and Nakayoshi. He’s famous for writing Slice-of-Life comedy manga series SSB -Super Seisyun Brothers in the G-Mode‘s web magazine Comic Polaris from November 2012 to 2018. From September 2013 to December 2013, an anime television series adaptation, produced by AIC Plus+, aired in Japan on TV Tokyo under the title of Super Seisyun Brothers.

A YouTube channel was opened on January 9, 2020, to teach how to draw with assistant S-Kun. In addition to drawings, they also cover videos about planning an illustration confrontation,’ how to keep a plan for sketches in a most effective way, and many more. Here is his channel below.

5. Ami Shibata

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture, Square Enix’s famous manga artist Ami Shibata worked on titles like Nangoku Shonen Papuwa-Kun, Jibaku-Kun, PAPUWA, Kamiyomi. While working as a manga artist, she’s also made notable contributions as a beauty artist in cosmetology. From February 19, 2012, she opened the beauty blog Extreme Cosmetology of Female Manga Artists!. In December 2016, she also opened Body Haute Couture ami. In 2017, she retired as a mangaka but I guess her passion for manga still remained in her heart somewhere, so she came again in the industry in 2018.

She made his YouTube debut on July 14th, 2020 under the channel name Ami Shibata’s Armin World. In her videos, she goes back to her 90’s works and draws panels from Dragon Quest and her other works. Besides drawing frames she also visits Square Enix and challenges herself in live games and cookings. Check out her channel below.

6. Yamada Reiji

Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting, Yamada Reiji is a well-known manga artist from the unfavorable era of manga. While attending university, after working as an assistant for Tatsuya Egawa, he made his debut as a manga artist with Scenery of 17th Avenue in Comic Morning in 1986. In 1991, the romantic comedy work B Virgin was serialized in Weekly Young Sunday and became a hit. His other famous works include Zetsubō ni Kiku Kusuri, which is a manga version of interviews with celebrities in various fields (such as manga Haneru no Tobira members, manga industry, fortune teller, ocean adventurer, politician, surfer, host, photographer, anthropologist, band members, foster parents, screenwriters, doctors, chiropractor, mathematician, aquarium director, anime studio founder and many more), and Zebraman, which was co-written with Kankuro Miyato. In addition to manga, he is active in a wide range of fields such as love comic essays for women (A woman who is not popular is a sin) and hosting online programs.

As for his Youtube channel, he mostly talks/interviews famous personalities from the anime manga industry. So if you love interviews and want to know more about the anime manga realm, I’ll say go check it out.

Off you go! with our list of 6 famous manga artists along with their YouTube channels! A vastly different kind of topic to present, I must say. Do certainly let us know how much you liked this article ? Are you fascinated to know more about your famous manga artists ? Let us know in the comments below which manga artist you want us to cover in detail!

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