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Generals in Kingdom always make the fun and excitement keep rolling in the series. They are those guys who command the army, take the lead and support the kingdom as a whole. Some of them charge with their force taking the front row with glaive in their hand and some of them just hide behind their name and play real-life chess of war with the strategy in their mind.

This time, based on my own judgment and prejudice, I created a short ranking of strong military commanders in the current Qin focusing on their military achievements and military personnel. So without further ado let’s take a look at 5 Strongest General of Current Qin:

5. Yo Tan Wa/ Yang Duan He

“Feared in the Mountain Realms as the “Lord of Death”, as well as adored as their queen.”

It is Yo Tan Wa, Queen of the Mountains, who brought together the people of the mountainous world. She is a wild beauty who has the strength and command to take the lead and integrate hundreds and thousands of men on the battlefield. Her desire to “expand her tribes glory beyond the mountain world horizons” and Ei Sei‘s dream to “unify China to create a conflict-free world”, overlapped with the renewed alliance between Qin and the mountain people after a long 400 years.

Yo Tan Wa and her people have always been the ones to rush to the predicament of Qin. At the beginning of the story, she helped Ei Sei to re-capture the royal capital overthrowing Sei Kyou‘s Rebellion. During the Coalition invasion in Qin, she saved the city of Sai as well as the whole Qin from Riboku‘s army. Furthermore, she was placed as the general of the second army of the western Zhao attack army along with Kan ki and Ou Sen.

4. Kan ki / Huan Yi

“Young yet endowed with talent. It’s said that if he were only born one generation earlier, he would have been counted amongst Qin’s Six Generals.”

His personality/way of doing things may not be the best, his troops may not be the most army-like things in the military out there, but he with his cool demeanor & his unorthodox tactics is just what makes him a beast. Even the likes of Ou Sen don’t try to comprehend what’s going on with his head.

Formerly the head of a bandit, Kan Ki holds no pride as a Great General or protecting the country. The entire battlefield is like a playground for him & he just plays there in his way with his unique strange tricks and courage. And his personality!!! Sending bags of eyeballs to the enemy camp, making a roundtable toy of corpses, looting the innocent enemy civilians, he is quite brutal to be honest earning him the nickname “The Beheader.”In the battle of Sanyo, he defeated Haku Ki Sai the Wei commander-in-chief and in the coalition Invasion Arc, he helped Chou Tou to slew the Han commander in chief Sei Kai and contributed to the victory. Furthermore, during the Gyou invasion, he was the one who was in charge of besieging Gyou.

3. Ou Sen / Wang Jian

“It is rumored that he is equally as talented as Ou ki himself. However, due to his dangerous ambition, he never received King Sho’s favor. It is said that he desires to become a king himself.”

Most dangerous general in Qin?! Ou Sen is a master strategist in warfare. Born in the same family as General Ou Ki, Ou Sen is the country’s one of the if not the most toughest and stubborn general to fight with. He anticipates the psychology and behavior of the enemy with calm analysis and judgment with his unique tactical eyes and courage. People say he never takes a battle he can’t win and that’s certainly true but his charisma as a general that creates emptiness between enemies with a unique military talent somewhat makes him a fearsome opponent.

According to Shou Hei Kun(Head of Military Affairs, Chancellor of the Right) in the era of King Sho, Ou Sen was already acknowledged by Haku Ki of the Six Great Generals as one of the top strategists of the country. During the battle of Sanyou, Renpa also stated Ou Sen was one of the main reasons they lost the battle. Against the Coalition Army, he successfully shielded the whole Qin army by cornering the Yan army of the former king of 50 mountain tribes Ordo in the mountains. And last but not least he even managed to outwit that GREAT Riboku in his own country. From start to finish, the Western Zhao invasion and the warfare of Gyou proved how much general Ou Sen is capable of as a supreme commander.

2. Tou/Teng

“To think there was a monster like this…Curse you, Ou Ki, for hiding this!!”

Originally a lieutenant of Ou Ki, great general Tou is a playful gentleman who usually does not break his poker face, but his ability is said to be equivalent to that of ‘Monstrous Bird of Qin’.He often talks with easy-going and elusive words and takes actions in an esoteric way that makes it difficult for the enemy to understand his true intentions.

While much of his achievements are shadowed under General Ouki and he may not be the guy who steals the spotlight but there’s no doubt there’s a sleeping dragon inside of Tou. We still don’t know what he’s capable of and have no idea about his full capacity but I’m sure Yasuhisa Hara has something big planned for him in the future that may outshine all the generals of Qin.

1. Mou Bu/Meng Wu

“It is possible that you may witness it in this very battle. The sight of raw strength surpassing the use of tactics.”

The most powerful offensive force of the country. Qin’s first great general Mou Bu is in a whole another league of his own. The only thing he strives for is to be the strongest man in the whole of China.

Born in a family of military generals, son of Great General Mou Gou, leader of the Haku Rou Army, Mou Bu is a well-known general of the Qin. In 244 BC, Battle of Bayou, he served as a vice general under Ou Ki as the commander in chief. In 241 B.C, Battle of Kankoku Pass, he led his army against Chu’s Kan Mei Army and destroyed enemy formation, beheaded the Chu army commander in chief Kan Mei, massacred remnants of the Kan Mei Army which earned him the honor as General with the most achievements from the war in the royal court.

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