15 Amazing Quotes From Platinum End

While Platinum End is still airing, here we are again with a new collection of quotes from the series to spice up your weekly watch experience this week.

Enjoy; 15 Amazing Quotes From Platinum End –

1. Kakehashi Mirai

“In the first place.. Do these places even exist? Like Heaven or Hell… Well who needs’em anyway.. They make Death totally pointless..”
Kakehashi Mirai
“I’m living in order to find happiness… If I die, I can never be happy.”
-Kakehashi Mirai
“I only want normal happiness. A place to sleep. Food to eat. School to go to. Work in Society. And then to be together with the person I love. And create a happy family together- The family that I lost… A normal life’s happiness.”
-Kakehashi Mirai
“It’s better to be fooled than to deceive others. It’s better to be bullied than to bully others. It’s better to be killed… than to kill others”
-Kakehashi Mirai
“Alright, as long as I can protect Saki.. As long as I make Saki happy, I am willing to do anything.”
-Kakehashi Mirai
“Everyone is living because they want to find their happiness”
-Kakehashi Mirai

2. Nasse

“Demons don’t actually exist. If they could be said to be lurking anywhere, they’re within the hearts of humans.”
“Be happy! No matter who you are! No matter what kind of past you have! For sure!”

3. Revel

4. Nanato Mukaido

“Although I’m trash, when I don’t care about myself I actually become able to observe others much more carefully.”
-Nanato Mukaido
“I’ve been chosen as a God candidate. I’ll take responsibility and do everything I can within my power.”
-Nanato Mukaido
“You should think more when you fight.”
-Nanato Mukaido
“I just don’t want to become the kind of papa who wasn’t able to do anything for my children. And who did not try doing anything.”
-Nanato Mukaido
“Everyone has to die… The world will just lose an insignificant guy who wants to take one last smoke before he dies.”
-Nanato Mukaido

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