Choujin X by Sui Ishida – Chapter 3 to 7 Review

Choujin X Chapter 6 cover art by Ishida Sui
The world is great: I tried to mount the hill
Above the pines, where the light lies so still,
But it rose higher: little Lisa went
And I am lonely.
- George Eliot

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – we are already on chapter 7 and things have started to get really interesting. The story took a fast pace, the suspense is rising, more characters are coming into view and furthermore, we just survived a dangerous battle not so long ago and we are already facing a formidable enemy again. All in all a lot of things happening right now..can’t summarize all of these in just our intro.

So let’s get started with Choujin X by Sui Ishida – Chapter 3 to 7 Review.

After defeating Johnny Kiyoshi Takeyama, Tokio came back home but his choujin transformation still not healed yet.

He seems to have no choice but to worry about his face and limbs that have been deformed and cannot return. He called the school managing office and took time off of school for the time being but the problem is still on the horizon and he seems to get no clue or whatsoever how to get rid of all these.

He goes to see Azuma and tries to get a hint. But things didn’t turn out as smooth as he hoped. Cause he got some bittersweet words from Azuma. He was angry with Tokio, saying,

“Think for yourself!”

I mean even I was surprised at Azuma’s sudden rage. Why did Azuma suddenly get angry? This is not the first such occasion he asked for his help. It must be a daily occurrence for Tokio to ask Azuma for lending a hand. Did Azuma really dislike the part that he originally relied too much on Azuma? Or is it that Azuma just jealous? Perhaps the figure that Azuma wanted to be was a vulture? It’s all possible. Let us wait for the next chapters, maybe we’ll get a clearer view.

Art: Sui Ishida, Translation: Jan Cash, Lettering: Snir Aharon
Art: Sui Ishida, Translation: Jan Cash, Lettering: Snir Aharon

Takeyama was killed by a mop black suit mask guy.

Johnny Kiyoshi somehow escaped the final blow of Tokio and made it to the other side of the city in a somehow more accommodating mood, however, his choujin power had not healed its wounds in the meantime, and he wasted two more precious syringes in the battle, so his evening ended with the lugubrious sight and sound, fortunately, unseen and unheard of, with a chubby old mop black suit guy singing along to his painful torture and faltering cumbersome melody that finally got him killed in a dreadful way.

But who’s is this mop black suit guy though?!

Well, it’s still unclear at the present moment but the way Kiyoshi’s been killed, we can assume he may be some kind of a cutlery choujin or has power similar to Trafalgar Law from One Piece and he may belong to some evil organization who are trying to get their hands on human society.

To make it more simple, if you look at it in the story composition of Choujin X, it is using a composition that reflects the existence of bad choujin people who are trying to gain new power to stand on top of ordinary humans beings. It’s similar to the sense of nationalism, totalitarianism, intolerance, autocracy, and war which jeopardized the hopes of individuals and the peoples on the continent and sparked conflicts both within and between nations, leading up to the immense tragedy and slow-burn cold war dominance like world wars or incidents similar to Taliban who were aiming for Afghanistan to fall in their hands for a such a long time.

Art: Ishida Sui, Translation: Jan Cash, Lettering: Snir Aharon
Art: Ishida Sui, Translation: Jan Cash, Lettering: Snir Aharon

Tokio gets hints from pigeons.

“Think what Azuma will do”, Pigeons said to Tokio on his way back home from Azuma’s house and it seems like it motivated him in a way somehow which is a good thing. Everything in this world has meaning to it, a different perspective to it. Therefore, before capturing the picture, it is always better if you already think firstly about the aim for which you want to save the sequences and how you want to further process them. If you have not experienced the situation or anything, you still should try to see yourself from a third-party perspective and imagine what you would feel if you were in that situation. It will take you one step further from your current being.

Sexy long legs in white nylons and damn hot those black high heels – is she the main girl of the show?

Lonely urban mountain, empty zoo, nighttime, moon on the sky and you got a sexy hotshot girl by your side. How crazy that sounds. It’s wild right?! But unfortunately, our main character is not that lucky to get some wild enjoyment in his crisis instead he turned out to be the unluckiest one possible in this situation. The girl is the one that the mop black suit guy sent to inspect the matter regarding Tokio and if necessary she has also been given orders to eliminate him on the spot which is happening right now. She’s dead serious to kill Tokio on the spot. So the situation has now become dire.

Ely joined us outta nowhere and helped Tokio to survive for the moment but their combined forces are still not enough to match up with her. They almost reached a deadly situation and Tokio went on to activate his full beastification mode but even that couldn’t able to add much to their defense. So now what ??!!!!

Well fortunately we got another savior this time. It’s not Star Sandek but it’s another guy from the same organization. He came and throw some kinds of big knives and was able to get a hold of the snake choujin aka Nari Tsumuji, the girl who’s been giving us trouble all this time.

What happened to her afterward?!

Well for now snake choujin will be behind the bar and the guys on the organization will probably interrogate her for the time being. But one thing I’m kinda certain or maybe I’m hoping for is probably we’ve already found our main girl for the show. From the looks of it if everything goes well she may become the good guy on our side and eventually the main girl of the show. Cause at first she almost reminded me of Rize from Tokyo ghoul. Remember that crazy date? I thought maybe it’s time for Ishida’s famous introductory moment to take place in Choujin X. But how things kinda took place in a dramatic way. If you pay attention to chap 3 for a moment “I don’t care as long as long as I get the fee” that’s what she said. From the sound of it, it implies that she’s not directly connected with the mob suit guys organization. She’s just a freebie choujin who goes solo or something like that. So it’s very much possible things will turn out this way and she’s also the one who stole Tokio’s first kiss so yeah definitely has a chance.


Personally, I thought it was great, these past few chapters of the story were really amazing. The developments of Azuma were quite irresistible and it covered so many aspects of Tokyo Ghoul in a contrasting way possible that I am really able to dig into the drama and all.

And I also liked how Ishida sensei is progressing the story so far with a ‘more action less drama’ sequence to start up a fair amount of amazing character development, convincing drama, and sporadic comedy in a balanced line for future story developments. To break it more simply even after seven good full chapters of world view introduction and battle, our main characters are still there carting out their energy for some chancy combats which can get you really engaged into the story especially for series like this which is following an irregular cadence without a specific weekly or monthly schedule.

I’m looking forward to the next chapters.

With this I finish my review catch-up of Choujin X from chapter 3 till chapter 7. If you have no clue yet, read our review of Choujin X first two chapters and if you haven’t started reading the manga yet, when are even you going to ? Its Ishida Sui’s work afterall!

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