6 Amazing Facts About To Your Eternity & Yoshitoki Oima

“It” began to walk. Carving into its mind, the frostiness of the wind and the smell of the snow. Yet it had no destination-the tale of To Your Eternity finally made its way into the anime community. And while it is still airing I decided to bring you 5 amazing facts to spice up your weekly watching experience. So without further ado let’s dive into it.

1. “PINK BLOOD” is Utada Hikaru’s 1st theme song for TV anime

Yes, you read that right. This is the first time Utada Hikaru contributed an opening song for a television anime. Before To Your Eternity she only did theme songs for anime movies like Evangelion, Penguin Highway, and Casshern (live-action movie) but now finally she’s doing TV anime songs.

Now for those of you who are wondering why the hell that’s a thing. Well, Utada Hikaru is basically the J-pop Diva of Japan, one of the country’s top-selling recording artists of all time with over 37 million records sold since launching her career in the late 1990s. Her debut album ‘First Love’ still remains the country’s best-selling album of all time(8 million copies). So it’s really a big thing in anime music media. In case you never heard of her songs. Here’s a playlist for you. Some of her best songs that you might wanna check out.

2. The author of the series is a big fan of Indian Music & Movies

“Slumdog Millionaire”! The exhilaration of the last dance. Yoshitoki Ōima became a fan of Indian movies when she first watched Danny Boyle’s masterpiece drama romance a few years ago. And it’s not just Indian movies she said she also pays attention to western movies as well & plays Indian and Western music during her workdays. Her favorite actress is Milla Jovovich. She really likes her forehead-shaped face.

3. Oima conceived the title “To Your Eternity” after learning that her grandma was going to pass away

Shortly before the serialization began, Ōima decided to use the name ‘Fumetsu no Anata e’ (To Your Eternity) as her new manga title in the jump. According to the author, this is a word that sometimes popped up in her head after learning that her grandmother might die due to an illness. But she wasn’t too sure about it, so she asked the person in charge of the manga, he said, “That’s the best!” and she went along with it. What do you think about it?! Do you like the title? Leave a comment below.

4. She’s also the original creator of the 2016 hit film ‘A Silent Voice’

You might already know it but in case you don’t, Yoshitoki Ōima is also the author behind A Silent Voice, which won numerous Manga Awards in recent years. In 2009, she made her serial debut in Mardock Scramble. In 2013, A Silent Voice was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. The animation movie was announced at the same time as the end of the serialization in 2014 and finally, his third work To Your Eternity, which is currently being serialized and depicts the life of Fushi, the hero of immortality, was made into a TV animation in April 2021.

5. Author loves Domekano

“Art is explosion!” Ōima loves Taro Okamoto‘s avant-garde creativity, individuality, and his in-depth thinking about clarity and obscurity. She has a deep fascination for messed-up complex stories like something that is beyond her imagination. So she loves reading the “exploding” kind of manga. Something like Domestic Girlfriend.

Yes, Oima loves Domekano. Last year in an interview she said that Domestic na Kanojo by Kei Sasuga is interesting to read from anywhere.

Did you read it ?! If you haven’t go check it out then. Oima loves it, you may like it too.

6. The nameless boy’s front door had ‘Welcome Home’ written on it.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but these four letters over the nameless boy’s front door are written as O-Ka-E-Ri which basically means ‘Welcome Home.’ Given the fact how the word “Okaeri” is always said to welcome someone home, it is probably the boy who wrote it there himself which is really sad in a way. The first episode, the first chapter of Fumetsu no Anata e (To Your Eternity) is already full of genuine melancholy. The boy’s death is really heartbreaking when you think about how he waited for his villagers to come home for years and now when you pay attention to these letters too it just gives you an extra bounce to your feelings. Damn! Oima-sensei!

So there you go. 5 amazing facts about To Your Eternity. It was a short one. Hope you liked it.

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